| September 7, 2017


A missing college sweetheart. A detective on the brink. Four souls inextricably linked by murder.

The wait is almost over for Detective Andrew Deans; years of agony and despair hanging on the results of his wife’s fertility treatment. But a student is missing. And he must find her.

Compelled to leave his wife in Bath, Deans heads to North Devon, where he encounters Denise Moon, a medium, who exposes him to a psychic dimension he could never have imagined existed, in what soon becomes a murder hunt.

Gripped by a mysterious happening attributed to his own paranormal awakening and alienated from all but his new mystical muse, Deans is closing in on a sophisticated killer, but all is not as it seems and Deans’ future is about to change.

The dead need to be heard… but will he listen?

STORM LOG-0505 is the first book in a fresh new two-part crime mystery featuring Detective Andrew ‘Deano’ Deans. If you like gripping, page-turning police action, compelling characters and paranormal suspense, then you’ll love this riveting debut by James D Mortain.

Pick up STORM LOG-0505 and start the “unputdownable” series today!

Praise for STORM LOG-0505 : 
“I started it and just had to finish it almost in one. It starts off like a lot of cops and robbers stories but what you don’t realise is that it’s sucking you in. Then BANG, we get the first of several really clever twists and you’re hooked!”  Richard Dee – Author

“Disney wouldn’t make a film of this, but Tarantino might TheVoiceFM

“It’s a crime thriller with a twist, and I feel it really adds something extra that many in this genre lack. One of my favourite authors is Michael Connelly and I can see DC Deans becoming as popular as Harry Bosch S G LAWTON – Goodreads

Definitely the sort of book you cannot put down once you’ve started. I read it in 1 day!” Anne-Marie Johnson – Goodreads

“Mortain knows his stuff, keeps it interesting and it moves the story along at a brilliant pace, culminating in a stunning ending.” Ruth – Goodreads

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