Barking Bad: More Adventures of a Hollywood Dog Walker (LA Lights Book 5)

| September 8, 2017


Twenty two year old Tessa Taylor is at a crossroads in her acting career and personal life. She’s missing her boyfriend Ryan, who’s traveling the world; nerdy dog trainer Alex is trying to push in to her social circle; and the show she’s been working on is under threat. When ruggedly handsome company director Edward Wentworth asks her to represent his skincare line, she’s flattered.

Despite turning him down, circumstances lead Tessa to reconsider Edward’s offer. But is this the opportunity of a lifetime, or a folly that will ultimately lead her to danger? Her first challenge is to fend off unwanted advances from Edward, who’s dating a woman Tessa knows. Then, after returning to the office at night, she discovers Edward has a secret: a secret so horrifying it could destroy his company.

Tessa faces a decision, and it’s the toughest one of her life. Should she stay with the company, or should she leave? Should she expose Edward’s company for unethical business practices? And will her decision put her in harm’s way?

Whatever she decides, Tessa and her friends are in for another wild ride in book five of the LA Lights series. While all the books in the series are interconnected and the characters recur, each can be read as a stand alone novel.

The latest novel in the LA Lights series will appeal to those who love action packed adventures, set in the movie capital of Los Angeles. Add in delightful dogs, fun and friendship, hot heroes, and a shot of romance and comedy, and you will see why readers describe these books as Janet Evanovich meets Must Love Dogs.

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