You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato, She Says Murder: A Short But Sweet Mystery

| September 8, 2017


From Award Winning and Best Selling Author Duncan Whitehead, comes a short story with a twist……..

When two old friends, bound together by their love of growing fruits and vegetables enter the same competition, how far will they go to ensure victory? A charming story with more twists and turns than a tomato vine.

From the Author

A short story with a twist. How far would you go to win? How important is something that seems so trivial to others, but paramount to you? We all have a breaking point….but some are more fragile than others. This book is short and sweet. Set in a small English village, where everyone knows everyone, where it always seems to be bright and sunny and nothing ever seems to happen there. Well, nothing but a murder or two….

If you don’t enjoy the book then please mail me your reading device so I can smash it to bits and save you doing it yourself. If you do enjoy it, then please consider leaving a review. I read them all ( the good ones) and often print them out and frame them. If you want to write a bad review please be aware I WILL NOT frame your review.


This short story is a cozy mystery coupled with dark comedy. I love dark humor novels as well as cozy murder mysteries and this quick read, I believe, is a charming mystery. So, if you enjoy quick reads, dark humor, and cozy mysteries – this short story is for you.

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