Get to know the animals, discover yourself: A journey of self-awareness through understanding animal nature

| September 10, 2017


The pace of modern life today is hectic. We do not seem to be able to find the time to think about what we really want out of life and how to live the rest of our years. We owe it to ourselves to pause and exhale, and give life a fresh look. Animals generously give us this present. They are right there next to us like open books in which to read all about life. They are living expressions of emotions in their pure and unadulterated form. They are embodiments of nature’s wisdom. If we can see that, then we might be able to see ourselves in a new light. Maybe finally, by knowing animals we may get to know ourselves……..

Maybe our relationship with nature, animals and other people is nothing but a reflection of the relationship we have with our self. Maybe we justify attacking other people by telling ourselves that they are inferior; maybe we do it because we feel that a part of us is inferior even though we do not admit it and we recognize inferiority only in others. Perhaps our animal nature embarrasses us; it is very painful to know that somewhere inside there are instincts that are wild and powerful enough to dominate us…….

Maybe the original sin is precisely this knowledge: the realization of what we are; that we are capable of the best but also of the worst. And then, oddly enough, by acknowledging the part of the self that is in unity with nature we help ourselves and then we can help the others. Perhaps it is this way of thinking that leads to happiness.
Perhaps happiness is not found in focusing on differences but on similarities and common ground. This way of thinking may reveal the unifying pattern in nature: the senses, emotions, thinking and intuition, all completely different in thousands or millions of variations, but ultimately so similar…like butterflies of different colors, like humans of different colors. Either with feet, wings, fur or scales, all forms of life are united and interconnected into one unique and at the same time different face of existence.


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