Beneath The Magnolias

| September 10, 2017


Book Freeman is a flight nurse/paramedic that has recently been involved in a series of mind numbing tragedies. The events have left him reeling both spiritually and physically; the latest being the horrifying death of a fellow EMT.

Sent by his hospital corporation to procure a site for a future hospital, Book decides to use the time to find answers to the questions that have been troubling his soul.
Book finds himself in the small town of Quitman Alabama. Here he encounters an ancient and subtle evil that challenges everything he thought he knew about his God, faith, and himself.

With the help of a devout matriarch, an unlikely scholar, and a group of old men, Book’s quest for truth and faith are on a collision course with an impending evil. Will Book be able to stand in the gap for Quitman?

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