Dead Man’s Alibi

| July 28, 2013


Dead Man's Alibi

Live interview with Jay Gandhi.
I: Hello Jay
Jay: Huh! [In a disheveled state]

I: Heard you’re in some trouble?
Jay: Me, the best criminal lawyer in Hyderabad. You kidding?

I: Well, wasn’t a dead body found in your house last night?
Jay: Who told you? [Pushing the mike away from his face in a fit]

I: Is that dead man your father?
Jay: Rathi has been talking shit.

I: Is it true? You killed your father!
Jay…… [Clenching his teeth and blocking the door to his house]

I: ….. [Waiting for response}
Jay: ….. [Looking back inside his house as if checking something]

I: Did you? [Waiting again] You did? [Eyes wide now]
Jay: How can I? HE DIED TWENTY YEARS BACK! Are you listening! TWENTY YEARS BACK.


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