Making A’s in College

| July 28, 2013


Making A's in College

Success in College—A Practical Guide (and Great Graduation Gift!)

Success in college affects the rest of your life. It’s that simple.

Do well and doors open, but if you don’t succeed, they may slam in your face. And you know how hard it is to find a job or get into graduate or professional school today.

So success in college is vital for your future, and a high GPA gives you a real advantage..

Do good grades mean all-night cram sessions and high anxiety? Reading the same material over and over? Freaking out about exams?

No. There are smarter ways to study. That’s where Making A’s in College comes in.

These Are the Skills You Must Have

Before investing thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars, shouldn’t you do everything you can to be sure your study skills are ready for college?

Dr. Sandra Gibson has taught thousands of students to succeed in college through classes, counseling, and the classic Making A’s in College video (used in hundreds of colleges worldwide. It’s also available at Amazon). Now, this practical, easy-to-use information is instantly available in an updated Kindle book that costs less than a fancy cup of coffee.

It’s packed with proven, cutting-edge information–a simple, practical system for learning how to learn effectively at the competitive college level.

Here’s What You’ll Discover in this Kindle Book

You’ll quickly learn to:

Improve Your Concentration
Take Great Notes in Class
Improve Your Memory
Read Better and Remember More
Study the Best, Most Effective Way
Be Testwise on Objective and Essay Exams
Manage Test Anxiety
Overcome Procrastination and Control Distractions
Get Started on Difficult Projects
Get (and Stay) Organized
Manage Your Time

When you use these proven study strategies, you’ll study much smarter and your grades will show it. (And you’ll have time left over for other things!)

You’ll also learn:

The best way to study
The best way to remember what you read
A quick tip for reading complicated textbook chapters
Quick tips for remembering lists of all sorts
Quick tips for reducing test anxiety
And much more

Plus Secrets from Successful Students, and More Study Strategies

In the bonus section you’ll find 21 more effective tips to build college success. And seven very successful college students reveal their favorite study strategies.

These tips are organized and easy to use. Some are simple while others are surprisingly counter-intuitive. But they they all work and they come from Dr. Gibson’s experience with today’s students.

You don’t have to figure everything out for yourself. That’s why this book is so helpful—it gives you the college success skills you must have to build that high GPA.

The Making A’s in College Kindle book is by a real study-skills expert. It’s easy to read, very organized, and it’s immediately useful. Follow these tips and you’ll be surprised how much your grades can improve.

And that higher GPA means all kinds of doors will open in your future.

A Message from Dr. Gibson

If you’re beginning your college career, or returning to school after years away, you’re doubtlessly feeling lots of stress. That’s natural, because so much depends on success in college.

I’ve worked with all kinds of students and I’ve discovered that virtually all of them can improve their study skills and do better in college if they apply smart-study tip and strategies.

Since you aren’t born knowing the best way to learn, I think it makes sense to use a study-skills guide like this one.

This Kindle book is an organized guide to going to college that’s not dry–and doesn’t read like a textbook. That’s important, I think, because my goal is for you to use it and immediately profit from what you learn.

I wish you a very successful college career, and I hope your GPA will be 4.0!
Dr. Sandra Gibson


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