Ophiuchus Rising

| September 11, 2017


Time-travelling secret agents, the greatest prison in the universe, and a quasi-mystical monster that lives in a black hole that could be the apocalypse to an entire Niven Ring full of people…

Not that Nightingale does that sort of thing any more. Certainly not. These days, he teaches a class in the mornings and spends the evening in quiet repose.

And Amy? Well, Amy is on vacation. On a date, in fact. A date that is very rapidly going badly, and it is entirely her fault.

So when the fate of an entire galaxy hangs in the balance, who better to call than a stodgy professor and a bad girlfriend? Faced with the inevitable, Nightingale and Amy are pulled back in to the world of Hoshido, Kael, and Kaaden – a secret organization of time-travelling busybodies dedicated to the preservation of history. Flung casually across time and space, with no weaponry or contacts, Nightingale and Amy have to infiltrate the prison, stare the Beast in the face, and make the ultimate decision. The stakes could not be higher, and they’re running out of the one thing that had always been on their side – time…

OPHIUCHUS RISING is a thrilling 57,000 word sci-fi novel set in the Hoshido, Kael, and Kaaden (HKK) universe. It contains adult themes and violence, but no explicit sexuality.

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