Prophecy of a Dangerous Love

| September 12, 2017


At first sight you will know him for he will be your other half. But beware for his coming will awaken a sleeping darkness. With him alone can you know love, but it must be a true joining of hearts. If love is felt by one and not returned then the darkness will swallow you and an early grave shall be your fate.

Seraphina Mackenzie lived with the weight of those words – spoken on the day of her birth – lurking like a shadow in the corner of her mind. As she grew from a fanciful child into a strong, independent woman skilled in the use of magic, she began to resent the idea that fate could have such power over her life.

When Jake Harper, paranormal debunker, showed up at her door she was determined to send him right back where he came from, even if it meant breaking the rules to do so. But she wasn’t counting on the flare of recognition or the strength of the attraction between them.

When an ancient evil threatens the village will suspicion and distrust force them apart, ensuring almost certain destruction, or will they find a love strong enough to battle back the forces of darkness?

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