MYSTERY OF THE EGYPTIAN TEMPLE: Adventure Books For Kids Ages 9-12 (Zet Mystery Case Book 3)

| September 12, 2017


Pharaoh’s daughter has disappeared!

12-year old Zet loves solving mysteries. It helps to have Hui, his clever best friend. Even if Hui is always joking around!

Once upon a time in ancient Egypt . . .

Pharaoh’s daughter has been kidnapped! They have to find her. But how?

The Queen Mother is in a panic. Pharaoh is away. His child has disappeared, and the medjay police are stumped. She has to find her granddaughter!

Zet helped her solve a mystery in the past. Could he help her again? The Queen Mother asks him to be her spy. Maybe he can dig up clues about who’s behind this. No one will suspect a boy of being her eyes and ears. He quickly agrees.

Zet joins forces with his best friend Hui. They sail up the Nile on a boat manned by a suspicious captain. Finally, they reach the bustling temple site where the Princess disappeared. Their chase leads them past puzzling hieroglyphics and pyramids, through a mysterious land of gold and majesty that the world has never forgotten.

Ancient Egypt adventure mystery awaits you!

Love this book!!!! opened up a whole new world for me
– Tassa DeSalada, Amazon Reviewer ?????

My middle school aged daughter loved this set.
Falcon, Amazon Reviewer ?????


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