Flogging The Field: Where Country Life Meets Low Life

| September 15, 2017


After nearly blowing the whistle on his corrupt bosses’ expense-fiddling at Her Majesty’s Department of Tax & Revenue Affairs, junior tax inspector, Peter Figgis, is sent off on Operation Wild Goose to investigate VAT fraud at game fairs.  He doesn’t find any. What he does find is a game fair company, Gewgaw Limited, fronting an international drugs cartel run by evil sociopath Ieuan Henge. Helped by American flunky, Walton, Central Asian vamp, Russlana, and an array of other incompetent ne’r-do-wells, Henge needs to secure funding from Mexican and Middle Eastern investors whilst simultaneously trying to assassinate the previous owners of Gewgaw Limited, Penelope and Croesus Massy-Itche.
As incompetence gives way to chaos, Figgis travels the game fair circuit encountering Mexican drug dealers, wayward falcons, vengeful bosses, ghillie suits, rumours of inter-species sex, potatoes, murderers, mastiff-owners, unchristian language, cider, other traders, small black terriers and – even before the apocalyptic climax at Halfrod Hall Game Fair – love, in the comely form of under-cover police sergeant, Jayne Harvey.

“I found the book laugh-out-loud funny and clever, in the same style as the novels of Tom Sharpe.”

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