Hazel Magic

| September 14, 2017


When Niamh Reilly decides to up sticks and abandon the hustle and bustle of Dublin, she hopes to embrace a period of calmness and tranquillity.

Broken-hearted, childless, and faced with a crumbling marriage, Niamh questions who and what she is without a successful and handsome husband by her side.

Little does Niamh appreciate the adventure awaiting her in Navan, the very heart of ancient Ireland, where legends abound, and fairy folk run amok.

She soon begins to understand that her old life in Dublin cannot compare to a red-haired warrior, a severed head, a grizzled octogenarian, and home cooking at its best.

# Special introductory price for this 50,000-word novella is .99 cents or pence.
## Includes a glossary of Irish pronunciations.


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