Second Hunger

| September 13, 2017


What’s black and white, and red all over?

When Pearson Granger and his team are called to a breakout at Edinburgh Zoo, they encounter suspicious scientists, international intrigue and a very angry panda with a monstrous appetite!

As tensions between Mad and Delilah threaten to tear The Aftermath apart, Granger must face the red lab’s nightmare creation—alone.

Featuring a guest appearance by Kate Marx, the Queen of Cryptozoology.

Second Hunger continues The Aftermath Adventures, an action-packed series of compact, punchy page-turning technothrillers.

Every story stands alone. You can read them in any order. Together, they are even better.

If you like believable characters, great locations and page-turning plots then you’ll love spending time with Pearson Granger and his team. If you like NCIS, Michael Crichton, or The A-Team, you’ll love The Aftermath.

Devour Second Hunger and join The Aftermath today!

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