Dream Home (A Short Ghost Story Based On A True Story)

| September 15, 2017


Even in her third trimester, Rebekah is working hard to make ends meet while her husband, Ezra, promises to talk to his boss about a raise. 3 year-old Cassie can’t wait for her little brother to arrive as the apartment complex they live in have no children her age to play with. What should be a joyous and craving-satisfying time for Rebekah is completely the opposite. Thoughts of her family’s expenses along with the fact that their home has barely enough room for their growing family has her losing sleep.

Now sleep is something Rebekah does not want skip out on. If there’s ever a time she is happy and not worrying about her financial situation, it’s when she wakes up from the same reoccurring dream and tells Ezra all about it.

Rebekah’s dreams for the last few months have been about a life she wished she had: a life where her family is well off and living in the home of her dreams. Ezra’s heart breaks each time his wife’s smile turns upside down when she realizes it was just a dream.

One day a road closure changes their normal route to work. As they drive through the prestigious town of Madison, Rebekah’s sudden outburst brings their car to a screeching halt. There it was in front of her. The house in her dreams!

What? How is that possible? It can’t be the exact same house in her dreams, can it?

It is!

And if that wasn’t strange enough, the owners of the home are looking to sell immediately.

According to them, the place is haunted.

Based on a true story.


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