The Templar Shroud

| September 16, 2017


The few Templar survivors of the fall of Acre retreat to Cyprus, shattered in mind and body. Their painful recovery is broken by a strange summons from the mountains far to the north. Salvatore and the Mason, both damaged in their own way, make their way to the heart of Europe to confront a situation far different, but no less deadly than the horde of Saracen warriors that have driven them from the Holy Land.

In modern-day Switzerland, Peter Sparke and Professor Tilly Pink receive a strange summons of their own. Something has been found on the seabed, a long forgotten shipwreck, uncovered by accident. This discovery demands a unique set of skills that Sparke and Tilly possess – but they are not the only people investigating it.

Blending the unique mix of medieval historical fiction and modern thriller, The Templar Shroud is the seventh in the Peter Sparke series.


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