At the table of the King

| September 17, 2017


In a time when the stresses of life are severe and sicknesses are erupting like a volcano, this book will challenge the average believer to accept all that Christ offers and reject Satan’s filth. It exposes the devices the devil use to deceive us and persuade us to live lives of mediocrity. In a simple, yet complex way Keisha craftily uses personification to demonstrate the impact of things such as sickness, deceit, truth, pride, and low self-esteem on our lives. Christians are admonished to be aware of the devices of the devil and how subtly he seeks to invade our space with his lies and deception.
The treasures and reflections after each chapter remind us of the great promises of our King. By the end of the book, we are motivated and empowered to face the Devil head on. As you become friends with Wisdom, Truth, Mercy, Inspiration, Grace and Greatness!

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