Life, Liquidity & the Pursuit of Happiness: How to Maximize and Preserve Your Startup Wealth and Live Your Dreams

| September 17, 2017


The water coolers and watering holes of Silicon Valley are rife with tales of paper millionaires who didn’t diversify, spent money they didn’t actually have, and wound up with nothing. Life, Liquidity & the Pursuit of Happiness is a crucial guidebook for startup employees looking to understand and prepare for the personal financial and legal challenges that can arise before, during, and after an IPO, acquisition, or other liquidity event.

The CFO of Yahoo, the founders of Tesla Motors, and more than 65 other executives, venture capitalists, advisors, and tech luminaries share success stories and reveal lessons learned about the Four Phases of Startup Life. These anecdotes—along with equity award and stock option guidance, financial planning tips, and checklists—will help you and your team maximize wealth. As an added bonus, you’ll learn how to strategize your own personal life business plan.

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