Exodus: Machine War: Book 1: Supernova

| October 1, 2017


Exodus: Machine Wars: Book 1: Supernova is the launch of a new chapter in the Saga.

Not all the action occurs on the main front. Space is too big for that kind of restriction.

The Klassekians are a gifted race, with an ability which could help the Empire in its war against the Ca’cadasans. Just entering space, the species is still torn apart by religious and nationalistic schisms. They are on the verge of a nuclear war. And that is the least of their problems. For six light months from their star system is a blue giant, and the timer on its life is just about to hit zero.

Exploration Command ships discover the civilization, and it is soon apparent that this is one that needs saving. But saving the six billion people on the planet is a daunting task, especially with a killing wave of radiation a year and a half away, six months after the blue giant explodes. And one of the main religious factions of the planet sees their destruction as a cause for celebration, the return of their God. Now the humans must not only battle time, but the politics and religious fanaticism of a fatalistic people who do not desire rescue, and are determined to stop those who do. Add to this the mysterious alien artifacts that rise from surface to above the atmosphere, and the mission becomes interesting in the most hazardous manner.

And in the darkness, wait things that humanity thought they were well rid of, probing the human fleet, and threatening the great Empire base at Bolthole.

A full novel of the Exodus Universe. Get yours today.

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