Yes,God is a Mathematician

| September 21, 2017


If you have 2 hours to dedicate , you can now see God in the lens of science.

Worshippers all over the world may be astonished and offended at the notion that we can seek the Divine Supreme Being Himself, God, through the rich and textured field of Mathematics.

But bear with us, and if nothing more, learn of a branch of Mathematics, intertwined with the astonishing myths and legends of India.

God can never be understood by science that demands proofs.
Since the dawn of time, several have sought the answers to the world’s greatest mysteries. Few have succeeded. This is such a story.

Come on, step into the ancient Indian science of Architectural Creation, which is a world full of curiosities and wonders.
Perhaps the oldest mystery of mankind is “What is the relationship between God and man/woman?”

Surprisingly, the answer may lie in a mathematical model hidden within India’s ancient architecture, believed to be at least five thousand years old.

And the math isn’t complex. A twelfth grader could understand it. Yet, the output is more comprehensive than the most complex modern algorithm.

For your reading pleasure, the mathematics that support this model are explained in a pleasant, pain-free way, paired with a classroom story.

For many of the world’s greatest secrets, once solved, people now thrill at seeing the familiar as the extraordinary. For example, why do Egypt’s pyramids face north?

Why are there four towers of pyramidal structure in many of India greatest temples of worship?

Haven’t you wondered about the ancient mysteries that are related to spiritualism, divination and metaphysics?

Have you ever thought that these unexplained phenomena of controversial knowledge could be related to ancient architecture?

  • In a philosophical perspective, everything has originated from one. When the entities are part of this one, they are in complete harmony.
  • Separation and division are inevitable to creation.
  • This creation of multitude of entities causes the continuity, harmony and oneness to break.
  • But though they break this process of separation is temporary.
  • The origin is from one and they are bound to be reunited with one.

“When we read this book, we are astonished to see that such architectural treasures are indeed the prototypes of Divinity. This proves how this mathematical model, in essence, has projected itself as a microcosm of the real world. It mimics the theory of Creation and Reality as described in Hindu doctrines.
Come enjoy a story of mathematics, intertwined with the astonishing myths and legends of India.

“You gotta go and reach for the top.
Believe in every dream that you got.
…. so tell me. What are you, what are you waiting for?”


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