Falcondell: The Devil’s Son

| September 21, 2017



Grace Gray is sent to Falcondell High to finish High School with her cousin Gabe as her protector. She has moved around all of her life and longs for a normal life. Unfortunately for her she is far from normal and has to join the “Invisibles” in order to pass through the year unnoticed. Nobody must discover her secret.
The hottest, meanest, most evil bad boy that you could ever wish to meet in the school though has other ideas and is used to getting his own way. Ash Knight lives with his uncle who controls the Town through fear. He is the leader of the most feared gang in the area and nobody gets in their way. Ash lives with his uncle but spends his holidays with his father.
When Grace comes to Falcondell Ash finds himself in unknown territory. They say that opposites attract but this relationship is the stuff of nightmares for everyone involved. They will have to not only battle their own feelings but those of their families and friends. Will Grace’s guardians allow them to be together or will she once again be moved away for her own protection? Ash also discovers something that turns his world upside down and they both end up fighting for a lot more than each other.
If you like a good High school romance with a bad boy to die for then this is for you.
Can somebody who is so good ever be with somebody who is completely evil? Ash and Grace are at opposite sides of the spectrum and this year changes them both forever.


Hanging up the phone she catches me looking and grins. “Every girl loves a bad boy don’t they Grace? It’s one of life’s mysteries. However don’t ever let them know that they’ve got you otherwise they give up the chase, and that my dear sweet Grace is the greatest part of all. It’s all in the chase.”

The room gets extremely hot and I watch in alarm as I witness his inner struggle. I can feel anger all around us. It is almost as if I could reach out and touch it. The atmosphere becomes dark and oppressive and there is an air of uncertainty and desperation. In shock I look at my Guardians and can see that they are staring at Ash with intense concentration. As I look at him I can tell that he is battling against whatever she has shown him and fear rises up within me.

Lifting my eyes to his I put everything into the look. All of my new found energy is directed at him and I watch as he falls underneath my spell. However he is stronger than most and we are soon locked in a battle of wills. His eyes darken dangerously and draw me in. He shifts closer and not breaking eye contact says in a low husky voice, “Who are you?”

As though frozen he stares at me in wonder. His face looks at me in disbelief and then his eyes fill with tears. Sinking down into a nearby chair he puts his head in his hands. In a faltering voice he says, “Please Grace, put the locket back on, somebody might see you.” Guiltily I reach for it. I always forget the effect that I have on people and feel cross that I didn’t lock the door. As soon as the locket is in place I feel as though I am being once again drawn back into my own body. It makes me feel oppressed and dare I say it – normal. Looking up Gabe says softly. “It’s like the sun rising with the moon after having captured the stars. It’s just too much to look at Grace. Promise me you will wear the locket at all times. Nobody must see you like that, they wouldn’t understand.”

As I look into his eyes I see the torment in his soul, battling against the unfamiliar feelings that have been awoken. As I drown in his eyes I can see that there is a strong connection between us. Like me, he is special. We are poles apart but similar in many ways. Maybe he is my destiny, perhaps this was always meant to happen.


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