Dreams of Hegemony

| September 23, 2017


The world of Peridell has been left ravaged after the seven-year war against a mysterious demon horde. Left trying to collect the dust of the faded and once dominant nation of Athena is Cronos; a young, brash, immature, and emotional emperor, hell bent on returning his realm to it`s former glory. At night he is visited by strange, ominous, and eerily ambiguous dreams that he cannot decipher, nor shake. Unbeknownst to him, these visions will bring about an uncertain future of great turmoil, friendship, profound love, loss, and pain, leaving behind an immovable sense of purpose and drive to reclaim that which was lost. Something dark is once again on the horizon, concealed in shadow, and shrouded in secrecy. Led by these night terrors, a greater mystery unravels, forcing him to decipher the meanings of these cryptic messages, or face complete annihilation. All past relationships, as well as those forged anew, will be pushed to their breaking point, as he is forced to reach out to those he once called enemies. “Dreams of Hegemony” is a gripping dark fantasy epic set in an unforgiving and brutal world, where your conception of truth will be challenged, where safety is a word without meaning, and the fates of all living creatures lie in very flawed hands.

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