Incoming Alert (The Chronicle of IF.)

| July 29, 2013


Incoming Alert (The Chronicle of IF.)

How Not to Celebrate your Century Birthday:
Tell overprotective parents you’ll be fine.
Phase to a parallel dimension to amuse yourself with humans and choose a name.
Arrive flat on your face.
Learn you’re unique among immortals, and not in a good way.

Hello, Earth. Boy’s victory dance on top of a cafeteria table
doesn’t last long.
She’s looking at me? Seriously? Jubilation vanishes when he realizes the young woman gawking at his trembling two-inch form–which should be invisible–is as frightened as him.
Major screw up that he is, he ignores everything he’s been told about survival and shifts
larger without first refilling his phase-depleted veins.
Then comes the icing on what’s sure to be his last birthday cake. After denying
he’s crawled out of the meatloaf, he bonds with the mortal. Not only is he
drawn to a first century name that guarantees anger and ridicule, it’s doubtful
he’ll survive this birthday, let alone celebrate another.

Incoming Alert is a science-fiction adventure novel for general audience, but
contains violence and adult themes.
No vampires, weres, zombies, fey, or previously known supernaturals were used
or otherwise harmed in the making of this novel.


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