Intuition Supremacy

| September 24, 2017


Discover Why When Logic Fails Intuition Prevails

In his Book Two of the Intuition Series, the “Intuition Supremacy,” Tsuneo “Yama” Yamazaki advances the notion that logic without intuition is bereft of innovative ideas and that intuition without logic lacks systemic processes needed to guide creative ideas to fruition.

We are all born with the gift of intuition. It is that gut feel, that instinct, that internal voice and guide that has led humanity to survival instead of extinction. Through the process of evolution and education the dependency on raw intuitive action has decreased and more emphasis is placed on the power of logic … and yet, when push comes to shove studies show that it is the intuition supremacy which is inherent in all of us, that leads to disruptive breakthroughs in sciences, technologies and commerce, and in your personal life.

In INTUITION SUPREMACY, you will discover …

  • How mathematicians rely on intuitive powers to select the right set of formulas to arrive at the correct answer
  • How when faced with the prospect of defeat at the hands of a more powerful adversary, your intuitive powers can deliver a winning performance
  • How when learned knowledge fails to provide a solution, the brain resorts to a deep dive to the unconscious wealth of our intuitive powers
  • How one simple idea can revolutionize a whole industry and make a positive impact worldwide
  • Why we are hardwired to discriminate and how to access our 6th sense to rid society of discrimination
  • How our bodies have age related limitations but our how minds continue to expand and are able to generate exponential gains in our livelihood
  • … and much, much more!

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Engagingly written with real life stories

“When you feel you need breakthrough ideas, stop breathing and listen to your heartbeat. You can trust your intuition when you have confidence in yourself. It is then that the intuition supremacy becomes yours” … Tsuneo “Yama” Yamazaki

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