The Day I Disappeared

| September 25, 2017


Barry Evans is a small town hero with an amazing wife, talented son and a promising career. Everything about his life is perfect.

The only problem is that he might not exist.

These memories reside inside the mind of a man that everyone keeps calling Grant Weston. Grant and his wife are separated, he’s disconnected from his daughter and he’s just woken up in a jail cell after being brought in on a drunken disorderly charge. He’s considerably less successful than Barry with a laundry list of problems to contend with.

Grant doesn’t remember any of this because his head is full of nothing but the memories he formed as Barry Evans. As far as he knows, that’s reality–wherever he’s ended up is some kind of cruel joke. Riding home with a woman claiming to be his wife, he’s desperate to find answers no matter how crazy he sounds trying to figure things out.

Her response? “You’re not gonna try to blame aliens again, are you?”

It turns out that Grant has been acting strange long before Barry Evans woke up as him. Sneaking off to meet with strange friends, claiming to be an alien abductee, becoming more detached than usual…

Waking up to such unusual circumstances, Barry’s not sure what to think about anything, including who he really is. Is his mind filled with false memories? Are aliens real and behind this bizarre situation? Can he travel back to his old life or somehow find happiness in this one?

The Day I Disappeared uses an unbelievable scenario to examine universal conflicts related to identity, success, love and family. Whether you’re a big sci-fi fan or not, you’ll find plenty to connect with in this paranoid thriller that will keep you engaged and guessing until the end.

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