Bethany’s Bicycle Basket

| September 25, 2017


Wonder Well books: Inspiring children to experience wonder well.
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Dip your bucket deep into the Wonder Well with Bethany’s Bicycle Basket and draw up an experience of kindness and service.

Through the unexpected gifts of a bicycle and a basket, Bethany connects with members of her family, including her new aunt from Norway. These family members then challenge her to discover ways to use her gifts to bless others around her. Join Bethany in her journey as she strives to rise to the challenge.

Fans of the Little House, and American Girl series will enjoy Bethany’s Bicycle Basket, as well as other books from Wonder Well.

Wonder Well Books
Woven with wonder, the purpose of each Wonder Well book is to inspire children to experience wonder well. Wonder Well books awaken an awareness of the joy that surrounds us, as they display the delight that lies hidden in the ordinary. These works also restore a sense of innocence to childhood as they emphasize close-knit families and communities, and highlight acts of selfless giving. Wonder Well books inspire readers to discover blessings in order to be blessings, and in being blessings to transform their world.

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