The Cornish Cookery School 2: The Autumn Fare

| September 25, 2017


Alice has been running the cookery school for only a few weeks and already has bookings into the next year. Life seems pretty much perfect but not one to stop and enjoy the moment she is already thinking of new ways to promote and grow the business. One of her ideas is to organise an autumn food fare to give local people the opportunity to see what they offer. Her relationship with Seb is starting to develop into something more than a business arrangement however her parents have other plans for her love life when they make a surprise visit and bring along an old flame. They expect her to drop everything and entertain Michael with the hope that they will rekindle their old feelings for each other. Just as Alice thinks she’s got everything under control an overnight storm threatens to ruin everything. Alice and Seb have only a few short hours to turn a mud bath of a lawn and a collapsed marquee into somewhere that showcases their cookery school and impresses her parents.

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