How to Find Your True Calling in Life (Personal Development Book)

| September 26, 2017


“Do you want to know how to find your calling in life? The answer is easy: you have to get acquainted with yourself. You do not know yourself at all!”

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Ask anyone you meet on the street to tell you about himself. All you will hear are the facts from the bio. What can you say about yourself? Who are you? How do you differ from the others? What do you want from your life?

We know nothing about you. Nothing! We live our lives superficially. Someone can be lucky to find his path and take exactly his place in human reality, working with pleasure and getting acknowledgment from the society. Moreover, someone in his 50-ies continues to seek his calling. However, the older you get, the sadder and more hopeless your search looks.

It is possible to find your calling in a very short term if you get acquainted with genuine yourself, something that your unconsciousness hides. When we get older, we have to learn to exclude those «musts» that do not correlate with your wishes and beliefs. We have finally to ensure the accuracy of our opinions and world view. However, this is difficult to realize. I am sure that my book will help you to feature out your «desires», reveal unexpressed wishes and contribute to understanding your calling.

As in any other training aid, I offer interesting and extremely useful exercises. You will learn how to behave if you do not know your wishes, what to do with the business that does not bring profit, how to find time for favorite activities. To overcome the fear of a false opinion that age is an obstacle for new hobby or business, you will also learn to listen to yourself, both by heart and mind at that.

Here You Will Learn…

  • Do You Know the Feeling that You Live Some Other Person’s Life?
  • Your Own Business
  • Goals and Resources
  • 6 Laws of Psychology that Could Help You to Change Your Life
  • What are Cognitive Distortions and How to Deal with them
  • Bonus! Cognitive distortions (Complete collection – save $2.99)
  • Much, much more!

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