Hidden Diary: Volume One

| July 30, 2013


Hidden Diary: Volume One


Book One, Cross My Heart:
Lucy Larson is looking forward to summer—what could be better than spending twelve weeks on a California beach with her cousin? When her cousin cancels, Lucy’s about to pack up and go home. But then she stumbles upon an old letter that mentions a hidden dairy, cryptic clues, and best friends; Lucy dives headfirst into the mystery, instead, and sets out to find the diary. And just who is that cute boy, Jake, anyway?

Book Two, Make A Wish:
Now it’s time to jump into their first Diary Deed. Serena decides it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate Lucy’s birthday! Lucy isn’t so sure. She knows only a few of the girls on the Island, and some of them have been pretty rude. Will anyone come? In the midst of their plans, one of the invitations comes back to Lucy—with a threat. She wonders if she made a big mistake. Should she cancel the party … or face the threat head on?

Each of the four, two-book volumes in this exciting series for girls aged 8-12 includes: fun, friends, family, gentle Christian faith, and a fast-paced read.

“…Sure to become popular summertime reading for middle-grade girls. Revolving around the theme of best friends and a secret diary, this book has definite girl appeal as Byrd demonstrates her uncanny ability of writing from the heart of an almost-12-year old.” CBA Marketplace (Review of first book in series.)

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