Faded Hope: A heart-wrenching tale of patriotism, love and a lost sense of belonging. In end, all that matters is love

| September 27, 2017


Last week, there had been rumors that North Korea was sending a cruise missile. In a fallout shelter filled with men with limited energy and women with dead hope, rumors were simply fragments of their everyday life; they had grown used to it. But this didn’t defer the early warning communicated through the loud speakers stationed at the south end of the subway by the Peace Movement.

Few had dismissed it as a mere threat, but the monsters— or retarded beings, as the soldiers called them— they had encountered on several occasions had thrown most of the people into a state of fear and total distrust for them. They were broken people; they just needed something to look forward to, other than death.

Doubts remained, until one dark, moonless night, when a hum escaped the bowels of Mother Earth.

On his tiny, hard bed, Sam knew that the end had come, and their souls were its spoils.


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