The Free Trader of Warren Deep (Free Trader Series Book 1)

| September 27, 2017


A Cat and his human minions fight to bring peace to humanity.

  • “Craig Martelle is a masterful writer with a grand imagination.”
  • “Reminiscent of science fiction of the 60s. Sort of a cross between Star Man’s Son 2250AD by Andre Norton and Robert Heinlein’s Tunnel in the Sky.”
  • “You clearly are, like the great Asimov, a master of Science Fiction.”

The Free Trader takes you to a world across the galaxy, where humans are not the only sentient species. After a devastating war, humanity and its creations rise again. The Free Trader finds himself at a crossroads – can he and his Cat prevent a repeat of past mistakes?

And the follow-on series…
Cygnus Space Opera (set in the Free Trader Universe)
Book 1 – Cygnus Rising
Book 2 – Cygnus Expanding
Book 3 – Cygnus Arrives


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