Incredible Dolphins: Fun Animal Books for Kids With Facts & Incredible Photos (Exploring Our Incredible World Children’s Book Series)

| July 30, 2013


Incredible Dolphins: Fun Animal Books for Kids With Facts & Incredible Photos (Exploring Our Incredible World Children's Book Series)

Here is what others are saying about this fun dolphin book designed for kids 7 and up!

“I always knew that dolphins were incredible, and this book proves it with interesting facts and beautiful pictures.”

“The dolphin facts are great! The personal dolphin stories are even better!”

“I love the pictures. Being able to zoom in with my Kindle Fire provides great interactivity that my kids love.”

Animal books for kids can be one of the best ways to teach young children about the many creatures that call our planet home. In this fully illustrated book, best selling children’s book author Mark Smith teaches children what makes dolphins so incredible. They will find out what dolphins eat, where dolphinslive, and what makes them different from every other animal on our incredible planet

It is all about exploration and learning in a fun way.

Your children will love the full color photographs that spring to life on every model of the Kindle. Children will consider themselves experts on dolphins when they finish reading this fun filled dolphin book for kids.

NOTE: Kindle Fire users can double tap the high definition images and zoom in to get a closer look!

Here is what is inside.
A Note From the Author
What Is A Dolphin?
Do Dolphin’s Have Bones?
Dolphins Have Their Own Language
Do Dolphins Have Families?
Dolphins Love to Play
What Do Dolphins Eat?
Where Do Dolphins Live?
Are Dolphins Important?
Amazing Dolphin Facts
Are There Different Kinds of Dolphins?
Bottlenose Dolphin
Orca or The Killer Whale
Dusky Dolphin
Spinner Dolphin
Commerson’s Dolphin
Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
Fraser’s Dolphin
Hector’s Dolphin
Risso’s Dolphin
Amazon River Dolphin
An Incredible Dolphin Experience
Bonus Dolphin Pictures!

Each dolphin species also features a full color world map that shows children where these creatures are located.

Not only is this book filled with dolphin facts, but there are also stories of real life dolphin encounters by the author himself.

This book has been designed with younger children in mind, but older kids will love the great pictures and fact filled information too. Parents may need to help younger children read some of this book.

Parents and children, prepare to be amazed by some truly incredible dolphins that can only be found by exploring our incredible world! What are you waiting for? Start exploring this dolphin fact book today.


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