Eagle Saboteurs

| September 28, 2017


Six months after Pearl Harbour attended were USA tored into second world war. It changed everything for Nazi-Germany. Abwehr, the secret intelligence organization were forced by Hitler and his staff to act. They dreamt with a vision of New York belonging to them. The result was a masterman plan to inhibit US war industry. By a secret location near Berlin there were a secret training facility. It looked like ordinary farm, nothing was ordinary with it, as it was shooting ranges, classroomes and chemical labratories.

Secretly in 1942 appeared the eight saboteurs from the third Reich into USA on Amagansett, on long island and Ponte Vedra by the coast of Florida. Men who had lived in USA for years but went back to Germany and then orginized by Abwehr. With FBI just behind them, this was maybe one of history’s most sensational acts of sabotage.
No one knew that these men wandered in New York’s streets with potential to act with two years of pure terror.

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