SciFan™ Magazine Issue 8: Beyond Science Fiction & Fantasy

| September 28, 2017


SciFan Magazine features the following science fantasy short stories, serials and book previews from talented authors:

Crown Star Special – Written by Jennie J. Keyes

Alice pilots her space traveling train to a mystical planet called Loomis were her passengers receive special coats that protect them from the dangers of the universe. For years Alice has watched others snuggle into the custom fit material while she is left exposed and forgotten. Hope is on her side.

Stormguard: The Invisible War Part VII – Written by Tom Fallwell

In this episode of Stormguard, Zak must find enough Chronospace element to provide power to the Stormguard’s Halos so they can invade the void space, Elysium.

Gamma City Tag Team – Written by Gustavo Bondoni

When Gamma city is overrun by aliens, of all things, Gor gets looped in to do something about it.

Dangerous Visions (SciFan Featured Preview) – Written by Brandon Barr

Prophecy, love, and magical worlds. A dramatic new fantasy that stretches beyond the stars.

Sweet Pepper and the Firewater – Written by Penelope Aaron

When Pepper drives her grandmother to her aunt’s house for her standing weekly poker game, she assumes that it will be another boring summer afternoon filled with fragile senior citizens and nutty, drunken neighbors. But when dangerous visitors begin dropping from the sky, Pepper quickly discovers that assumptions can be a bad idea, things are not always as they seem, and her afternoon will be anything but boring.

Soraya: A Wielders of Arantha Prequel (Part Six) – Written by Patrick Hodges

Kidnapped and tormented by Vandan slavers, Soraya and her fellow captives have formed bonds of friendship and family. With their homeland far behind them and a live of crushing servitude ahead, Soraya, Kithya, and Giara realize that the means to free themselves is within their grasp.

Survivor – Written by Diane Morrison

He has survived battles, death camps & torture. But can this elven soldier survive both a hostile environment & the demons of his own past?

Son of Shadow – Written by Mandi Jourdan

Raised in exile by his father, Kadmus seeks to learn the truth about his homeworld and reunite with his mother.

Thousand Tales: Learning To Fly (SciFan Preview) – Written by Kris Schnee

A pilot has his mind uploaded to the game world of Talespace, where he becomes a magic pegasus in a silly war bordering fantasy and reality.

Night Biker – Written by David Castlewitz

Using his ability to transform his body and to create articles out of thin air, Hermat seeks to do as his adoptive mother always asked. Do good. But why? Where did he come from? What did mother not tell him?

Gerda and Her Unicorn – Written by David Perlmutter

The mighty pre-teen heroine never expected to meet the creature of her dreams- or learn the truth about them in an epic adventure!

Wait Till the Eleventeenth Hour – Written by Andrew Darlington

When all the world is frozen, but for you… what opportunities does that present?

My Undead Mother-in-law – Written by Andy Zach

My mother-in-law’s a zombie. And she has anger-management issues. My mother-in-law, Diane Newby, zombified by accident. She still volunteers at her church bake sales and cooks pot roast for her daughter and son-in-law, Ron Yardley.


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