Why Are We Losing the Kids?

| September 28, 2017


As Christian women, there is probably nothing more heartbreaking than seeing our children turn from God. We spend thousands of dollars, and sacrifice countless hours to VBS, Bible clubs, Youth outings, Church camp, and children’s parties every year. We build elaborate stage sets, plan fantastic carnivals, and youth extravaganzas and bus in all the children and teens we can find in the hopes of leading them to Christ; and yet we are still losing them!

We see the grown-up children, the “fruits” of our outreaches, living as practical Atheists. They walk and talk and act like the world, even loving the world, and though they claim to be saved, evidence of life in Christ is conspicuously absent. The majority of children that we “lead to the Lord” turn away from God, and go out into the world embracing every sin imaginable never to darken the doors of a Church again; and we tell ourselves that at least they got saved when they were three or five, or whatever age, so that we can sleep at night.

Even our own children are abandoning the faith. They have asked Jesus into their hearts and yet we see them turn from God at staggering rates. Statistics show that no less than half have turned from God by High School age and closer to two thirds by the time they finish college. What we’re doing is just not working!

In Why Are We Losing the Kids? You’ll see where we have gone wrong and where to go from here.

• We can turn the tide on our failing ministry efforts!
• We can share the gospel without creating false converts or backsliders!
• We can keep the kids if we’ll follow God’s plan!

The Bible has the answers if we’re willing to hear them!

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