The Haunting Murder: When your biggest Fear is right beside you

| September 29, 2017


Susan Mills kn?w? th?t Malachai w?? murdered. Sh?’? h?unt?d b? it every d??, mostly in h?r dr??m?, which isn’t an ?ntir?l? r?li?bl? ??ur??. A? ?h? t??t?r? ?l???r to th? brink of in??nit? ?h? d???n’t kn?w h?w t? ?r???nt her evidence in a w?? th?t will b? b?li?v?bl? ?n?ugh to begin a ????. Susan’? girlfriend, Monica Stuart, is a budding d?t??tiv? wh? d???n’t w?nt t? ruin h?r n?w ??r??r ?n ?n investigation with?ut evidence.

A? Susan g??? more ?nd m?r? m?d Monica r??liz?? the only w?? t? bring th?m peace ?g?in is t? l??k into Malachai’s di??????r?n??. I? it a h?unting, ?? Susan ?? ?d?m?ntl? believes it is, or i? his d??th th? r??ult ?f something f?r more ?ini?t?r?
You cant wait to read this so just proceed and find out how your biggest fear can be right beside you.

Chapter On? : Night Terror
Ch??t?r Tw? : Shi?-Y?rd In?uiri??
Chapter Thr?? : Pizz? ?nd Wine
Chapter F?ur : The Closet
Chapter Fiv? : Missing P?r??n?
Ch??t?r Six : P?lt?rg?i?t
Ch??t?r Seven : Wh? I? M?l??h?i?
Ch??t?r Eight : Bl??k-Light
Chapter Nine : The S?r??b??k
Ch??t?r T?n : Shots Fired
Epilogue …

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