Chasing Their Losses

| September 30, 2017


Will the haunting power of first love lead to Cara Mackenzie’s destruction? At 31, she’s back home from Miami, starting a new career as nutrition director of Sycamore Hospital, and in a blossoming romance with Dr. John Drakos. But when she runs into her former lover, the suave and sexy Tony Cabella, she’s drawn into a dangerous web of dirty secrets and lies.

When Tony’s stepson vanishes under her watch, Cara must fight for her life, her reputation, and her career. The police think Dr. Drakos’ jealousy could have provided a motive for the kidnapping, but as the mystery surrounding the boy’s disappearance heightens, unanswered questions point to a conspiracy. Who shot Tony when he and Cara met in secret, and why won’t he call the police?

At the heart of this novel are four damaged people: John and Cara, whose passionate relationship is clouded by painful memories and fear of commitment; Tony and his second wife, Gail, who gave up everything for sexual fulfillment, only to find disillusion and heartbreak. As the tragic events spin out of control, the heart thumping suspense builds, with twists and turns that take you from the verdant farmland and sparkling waterfalls of Indiana to the vast, lawless sand dunes and nude beaches of Texas.

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