The Best Marriage: Turning a Failed Marriage into a Fairy tale and live Happily ever after (Companionship, Trust, Loyalty, Love)

| October 1, 2017


And they lived happily ever after…. We all are looking forward to that part when we fall in love and marry the man or woman of our dreams. Everything looks and feels so perfect. And when the officiating judge says, ‘what God has put together, let no man put asunder’, we strongly believe that nothing in this world is going to stop us from feeling the way we feel for our spouse. We just wonder what’s wrong with all the other couples out there whose love has gone sour after one, two or three years of marriage. Our thinking is; if our fathers, mothers and grandparents did it yet they were not even in love as, nothing can stop us. It seems so dummy easy to live happily ever after. It seems as if other couples whose marriages have failed didn’t put enough effort or didn’t love each other enough.
Oh, how wrong are we because a year, two or three years after our big day, cracks seem to start developing in our once fairy tale kind of a marriage. We start seeing our spouse from a new perspective. Not as the sweet, beautiful, honest, sensitive, God fearing and loving man or woman that we knew he/she was. We start saying our man/woman has changed and start getting hell bend towards ‘resetting’ them to the man or woman we knew them to be when we fell in love. Unfortunately, this only creates bigger rifts that only seem to divide us and make it hard for us to tolerate them. This perhaps explains why very many marriages end before couples could celebrate their fifth anniversary! It is no wonder that they say love is blind; marriage is an eye opener!
This doesn’t mean that your marriage has to suffer the same fate. In fact, statistics say that those who make it to 10 years have very high chances of spending the rest of their lives together. The question is; how can you emerge victorious and bring back your honeymoon period when your marriage is going through a rough patch? How can you love and trust your spouse again if he/she has hurt/disappointed you to a point of separation or threatening to divorce them? This book will show you all that and much more. In this book, I will use real life example of a friend whose marriage has weathered the storm and is now ‘renewed’.

Ericson Bucci


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