What Books Do You Accept for Promotion?

One of the most frequently questioned areas at ItsWriteNow.com is around the books that are acceptable for promotion.

We want to find and bring new authors to the world and we recognise that setting a large number of requirements can exclude a large number of books from promotion, and leave authors who are trying to break into self-publishing with limited options to share their book with the world. Because of this, we do not impose restrictions like other sites do around things like a minimum number of reviews, word counts, pages or release dates.

In short the only books that we will not consider for promotion:

  • Are erotica, or
  • Have covers that look like the book is erotica, or show naked people, or
  • Promote, encourage or give step-by-step instructions on how to do illegal things.

This means that when books are being reviewed for promotion, the following decision-making process is going on in the head of our book promotion elves.

Can my book be promoted at ItsWriteNow.com decision tree.

So, if you’ve used our decision tree and found that your book is acceptable for promotion, then go and submit your awesome book to our promotional services.

Have you gone through the decision chart, but are still a little unsure if your book is acceptable for promotion? You can double-check your specific book question against our book question response page here┬áto see what other authors have asked. Otherwise, you can enter your book and contact details into the form below and we’ll check out your book and let you know if we can help you.

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Check My Book!

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