Who Controls America

| October 2, 2017


Who creates economic depressions and recessions?  Why was Thomas Jefferson afraid of banks? Who advises our leaders to go to war? Why does our government secretly want an uneducated populace? In this stunning new book, Mark Mullen takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of secret partnerships created by wealthy ideologues designed to acquire more of the nation’s wealth.

In Who Controls America, Mullen shines a light on Wall Street-backed politicians who place corporate profits above the well-being of middle-class Americans. Big banks, insurance companies, lobbyists, and the Washington Blob fear transparency and fair play. To protect themselves from the rules of accountability, they plant and buy politicians to protect their interests. All at the cost of keeping the American Dream out of reach for millions of Americans families.

The Washington Swamp is not alone with its attack on average Americans. Non-elected elitists from the fields of higher education, economics, and law have long waged clandestine battles for control of the American mind. Behavior modification wasn’t developed just for school-aged children.

We have sent young Americans off to fight wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya, Bosnia, and Iraq in the name of protecting American interests. But whose American interests were served?  

Passionately argued, superbly researched, Who Controls America provides actionable recommendations that if taken, will give control of our country back to the American people where it belongs.

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