App Marketing and How to Make Money with iPhone Apps (Chocolate Lab Apps iPhone App Development)

| July 31, 2013


App Marketing and How to Make Money with iPhone Apps (Chocolate Lab Apps iPhone App Development)

*****#1 AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR***** Learn how to make money and optomise your keywords and marketing to drive iPhone and iPad downloads and revenue in the App Store.

Elaine Heney is the founder of the developer blog and publisher of over 150 apps with 3+ million downloads. Elaine is a 5 star online learning iPhone / iPad course provider and mentor to Irish and international mobile games startups.

In this book she shares the secrets of her success, from ninja keyword tips to how to optimise her revenue from the biggest mobile ad companies.


– Introduction
– Understand your Market
– Should I make a Free or Paid App?
– Become a Keyword Ninja
– An Introduction to Mobile Ads
– How you can use Applovin Ads in your Mobile App
– How to use Playhaven Ads
– How to make more money with Chartboost Ads
– The App Review process
– Making money with In App Purchases (IAPS)
– Work Hard and Learn Fast

In this brilliantly clear, straight-talking work, Elaine Heney explains how you can earn money from the app store, drive more downloads and grow your business.


“Elaine is an app guru…with her book & Udemy courses you will have a blueprint to getting a piece of the billion dollar App pie…for next to nothing. Lucky lucky you!”

“Elaine is a proven leader and has become a legend in a short time. Highly recommend this book.”

“I bought this book because Elaine Heney is a guru in the app business. She not only produces a highly respectable blog with tips and useful information for app developers, she also produces quality tutorials that go in depth on hot topics in the industry.”

“Have been learning from Elaine for quite some time, she teaches effortlessly and it’s so easy to follow her instructions. Genuine gem. With gratitude, Robert”

“You can tell that Elaine has real world experience and it’s a privilege to get an insight in to her mind and overall thinking about apps and business. ”


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