The Vampyre Legal Chronicles – James: Paranormal Vampire Romance – Book 2

| October 4, 2017


Born in poverty, Charlotte Gillespie is not afraid of hard work or fighting for what she believes in.
Now she has a husband who loves her, a great career in medicine and a life most women would envy.
And yet, something is missing from her marriage… intimacy.

Charlotte turns to her new friend the mysteriously exotic Eleanor Pattullo for advice and discovers a world of dark delights…

Clever, compelling and unconventional – Corporate lawyer James Gillespie is no one’s idea of a vampyre. Life is good.
He has a woman he adores and a stellar career that feeds his ferocious ambition. But James has a problem. He is unable to find it within himself to take his wife’s vein and bring her fully into his world. When he discovers Charlotte’s secret life, James unleashes the beast within, which leads to disastrous results.

Now the master of magic, the vampyre Ezekiel arrives badly wounded, begging for help and James must battle not only to save his marriage, but their lives.

Each Book in the series is a standalone story.


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