The Stolen Dog

| December 16, 2015


***A New York Times Bestseller with an ending that will make you cry tears of joy!***

When Briggs, a Boston terrier, is stolen from his family’s deck and shoved into a waiting car, a chain of events unfold that shakes the city. The Stolen Dog follows Tricia and Josh, Briggs’ owners, as they fight a force unknown, enduring death threats, psychic interventions, false leads, fake set-ups, and the threat of dog fighting. A heart-wrenching yet ultimately uplifting story of love, fearlessness, and hope — a captivating view of the best and worst of humanity — The Stolen Dog will make you hug your pets closer.

All proceeds will be donated to animal rescues!

The Stolen Dog is a true story.

To read fiction works by Tricia O’Malley – check out The Mystic Cove series – a paranormal romance set on the rocky shores of Ireland.

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