The Self-Esteem Revolution: Overcome Low Self-Esteem Through Emotional Healing

| October 4, 2017


If you suffer from low self-esteem, life may not be looking good for you right now. But, did you know that your problem is not low self-esteem? Your real problem is a deep emotional wound in your heart. Unfortunately, they never go away. With enough time, they seem to disappear, but the fact of the matter is that, instead of disappearing, these wounds are stored in your subconscious mind.

This is why many of us have emotional issues, and it shows in our behavior, but we ignore the fact that these negative behaviors are fueled by those subconscious wounds. It’s time to get strong and take control of your life. There is no room for self-pity. You have gone through a lot, but that’s going to change today, and it all begins with the disposition of your heart.

Revolutionize your life and destroy the low self-esteem in your heart!

Today, you will revolutionize your life and learn to destroy and crush the low self-esteem in your heart by applying the following simple but radical steps:

  • Making changes in your life by confronting your past and welcoming new and fresh ideas.
  • Finding self-acceptance by dissolving the lie that those who hurt you made you believe.
  • Letting go of any current negativity in your life by confronting your present.
  • Staying focused ahead by looking forward to the future.
  • Finding new meaning in life by understanding the mystery of love.
  • Healing your heart by expanding your knowledge and understanding.
  • Promoting your spirituality by understanding your purpose in life.

Through his own personal experience and many years of dealing with rejection, author Willie Estrada will deliver a powerful message that will not only help you heal your heart, but also will direct you on the right path to a wonderful future.

Willie Estrada has studied human behavior through professional training and Biblical research for many years, and today he’s bringing all that knowledge to you in this powerful book.

The key to healing and overcoming low self-esteem is through the understanding of the Spirit. It’s by healing your mind and detaching yourself from your past that you will be able to move on, so don’t let another minute go by with the pain in your heart. Get this book and take action right now!

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