Black Ash & Green (sessions with my therapist)

| October 5, 2017


N.E. Childe’s memoir came about after much-needed counseling sessions wherein she recalled her turbulent childhood and her quest for freedom which took her to ever more dark places. It was a way to finally come out for under the cloud of deep depression she lived under for most of her adult life.
She could be any child, quite literally, and now grown up and middle-aged, she looks back on how she managed to survive since survive she did, but not without jumping many hurdles, getting into bad company, living among those described as being on the margins of society, taking up lethal habits to block out her reality, and hiding horrendous secrets. She nearly didn’t make it.
These sessions with her therapist were an attempt to move on and accept that life isn’t fair, not all the time, but also that life isn’t just about the past and that we can, if we’re able, influence our own future. N.E Childe injects humour into what would be a story of anguish, and she didn’t want pity, just recognition for her plight. Fortunately or unfortunately, she found she was not the only one.

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