Give yourself the gift of Conscious Optimism

| October 5, 2017


About Conscious Optimism:

The balance is off, way off. Compared to the yin of negativity in our surroundings today, the yang of positivity has never in history looked more diminished.

As a result of this lack of positivity, stagnation has permeated our being, rendering meaningful action a mere afterthought.

We must rebel against it now or forever surrender our purpose of life to this haunting phenomenon.
Luckily, there is still hope. It lies in the unprecedented efficacy of Conscious Optimism to reverse the effects of negativity.

Conscious Optimism is a process that is carved out of potent self-transformation tools: journaling, mindfulness, disproving negative beliefs, positive affirmations, and the most effective tenets of taking action. It compounds on the effect of its tried and true constituents to provide us a much-needed action bias.

This book has all you need to develop an affinity for action in your life. The only prerequisite is your desire to give negativity the boot.

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