A Death In The Wedding Party (Euphemia Martins Mysteries)

| July 31, 2013


A Death In The Wedding Party (Euphemia Martins Mysteries)

The fourth in the Euphemia Martins Mysteries from Caroline Dunford.

1911. Love is in the air. Despite her unfortunate resemblance to her horse Lady Richenda Stapleford has accepted an offer of marriage. Unbeknowst to those above stairs Euphemia too has accepted one of her swains.

But the course of true love does not run true for upstairs or downstairs. Euphemia, the estranged granddaughter of an Earl, who launched her career as a maid in the household of the corrupt MP Lord Stapleford has now risen to the rank of housekeeper. She is still hoping to find proof of Stapleford’s misdeeds so that justice can overtake him.

But when a senior member of the wedding party is murdered it falls to Euphemia to solve the crime. As usual she only has her quick wits, her virtue and her ever ready scream to defend herself in what is to become an increasingly diabolical situation.


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