Phantom Adolescence

| October 9, 2017


How do you keep your family from tearing apart?

The first fifteen years of Jean Rayson’s life had passed as ordinary as it gets. She had her issues with her parents, fought her brothers every now and then, and at the end of the day, her biggest concerns were fashion magazines and the junior boys in school.

But shortly after the summer break ends, Jean’s younger brother dies. At first it seems everyone’s managed to hold it together, but when the first crack appears and her parents begin to fall apart, Jean takes on the responsibility of preventing herself, and hopefully her brothers, to follow.

What do you tell yourself in order to get out of bed every morning?

Mathew Rayson has always envied his little sister for her innocence. Seen as the strange bird of the family, Matt has developed a tendency to keep his distance. His mother wasn’t as easy a person–let alone parent–as his father’s second wife, and the contrast between the two homes took its toll on his personality, denying him of becoming a part of the family.

But when his younger brother dies, Mathew starts to see his family in a different light. The shatter of their happiness tilts his previous attitude, and as a strange empathy rises in him, he decides to go out of his way and help them pull through the crisis.

What do you tell your eight-year-old brother?

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