Don’t Buy it – Cook it! Ten Things You Buy That You Should Make at Home

| October 9, 2017


Why cook, when you can just buy something and heat it up? It is faster and cheaper, right?


Gail McGaffigan ordered pizza every Friday night, until she figured out the cost difference between making it and ordering it out, over ten years, was $5,000.00. What would you do with an extra $5,000.00?

Did you know that the loaf of artisan bread that costs $3.99 can be made with three ingredients? The same goes for that dinky, little $1 yogurt cup. Furthermore, each only costs pennies to make at home… just when you didn’t think pennies alone could buy anything anymore.

One little book, 10 recipes, and Gail’s tip sheet are your first step to saving $1,000’s on your food costs.

This book will pay for itself on the first recipe!

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