Inside The Mind of A Jewelry Designer

| October 10, 2017


Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer studies the compelling question, “What is creativity?” in an absorbing and personal look at the burgeoning career of jewelry designer, Alene Geed.

Fascinated (and quite surprised!) by the intensity of her new passion, Geed courageously uncovers her own motivations leading to her creative transformation from businesswoman to artist. Ignited by a passion so strong that she forgot the passage of time – and even food! – in the creation of her designs, Geed became inspired to learn more about the mysterious meaning of creativity and bring to life, her personal discovery of how her passion for art (jewelry design in her case) changed the way she thought, acted, and felt.

As any artist will like tell you, there is no choice involved in creating their art, no matter the medium: they simply must! Art is a “calling” that dominates the artist’s waking moments and sometimes even sleep – an obsessive passion in the purest sense of the word and one which envelopes Geed, even now. Discovering that the creative process to design a piece of jewelry is much the same as the process that it takes to design a life of purpose, she set about sharing what she learned including:

~ The “art” of being an artist
~ The special characteristics of a creative personality
~ Art and the need for the artist to take risks and
~ How to go about creating a passionate life.

Geed furthers her study into how creativity evolves by detailing her own creative journey – an unflinching look at her own “before” and “after” – in which she shares the inspiration for her own jewelry design collections and how each was conceptualized and brought to life in over 50 stunning, full-color photographs.

Each collection is an opportunity to discover Geed’s specific creative concepts in her own art including:

~ Observation and inspiration of life, love, and family and how it helped her art evolve
~ How concept for her art evolved
~ Creation, perspective and the narrative inherent in all art
~ The emotional aspects of art
~ And finally, the motivation for art and creativity to exist in the first place!

Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer includes an entire section titled “A 5-Step Journey to Living Your Passion” to encourage you to experience the absolute joy and euphoria of living a passionate life and becoming the creative person you were mean to be, to connect with your inner self through exercises specifically designed to inspire creatively and help you find – and follow! – your dream!

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