Sharpen Your Positive Edge: Shifting Your Thinking for More Positivity and Success

| October 18, 2017

Life can be hard! It might be challenges with your work, health, relationships, finances, and the list goes on. How can you manage the obstacles and appreciate the good things? This book makes it easier to –
– Enjoy more positive days
– Bounce back when things get tough
– Create better relationships at work and at home

It’s a toolbox stocked with 80 short but powerful strategies to help busy people like you Sharpen Your Positive Edge by shifting your thinking so you can be more motivated, happier, and less stressed. No wonder greater positivity has been found to lead to greater success!

We’re naturally wired to focus on all the negative things in our work and lives. This isn’t our fault! It’s largely due to our important survival instinct designed to keep us alert for problems and danger. But in today’s world there are very few life and death situations compared to prehistoric times, so we need a better balance for a higher quality of life.

The rapidly expanding field of Positive Psychology is finding ways to help us override our negative bias and also see the good all around us. The problem is many of us don’t realize we have this ability, yet the truth is in every moment we have a choice. The strategies and insights in this book are designed to make that choice easier.

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